Quindaro Underground Railroad and Ruins Tour

September 18, 1999


The Jewell Center on the campus of Kansas City Kansas Community College at 7250 State Avenue, Kansas City Kansas

Quindaro Town and Underground Railroad Site
Group or Individual Tours
Dr. Steve Collins
Chair, Department of Sociology
Kansas City Kansas Community College
7250 State Avenue
Kansas City, Kansas 66007

913-334-1100 ext. 674

Quindaro Underground Railroad and Ruins Tour!!!  Everyone welcome!! Saturday September 18, 1999.

The Jewell Center is on the campus of Kansas City Kansas Community College at 7250 State Avenue, Kansas City Kansas. It is reached most easily by taking I-70 either east or west depending on the tourists location and taking exit 415 and proceeding north to the first light. The college grounds will be on the North West corner of the intersection.

The Sociology Department announces a tour of the Quindaro Ruins to be interpreted by Dr. Steve Collins.  Quindaro was the most significant Free State town on the Missouri River in 1857.  Hundreds of escaping slaves found refuge in Quindaro from their slave masters who were often within eyesight just across the River in Missouri.  Our tour is designed to help you understand the importance of Quindaro in Kansas History and to appreciate the significance of the Underground Railroad, (perhaps the first human rights movement on the frontier), which continued to help slaves escape as long as slave masters offered a reward for their return.


  Meet and depart from parking lot in front of Jewel Center 12:30 P.M., and travel to Quindaro Ruins via Buses provided by the college.


Depart from the Ruins approximately 4:00 P.M. and arrive back at the Campus at 4:30 P.M.


  Dress appropriately; wear older clothing, good walking boots or shoes,  a change of shoes in case of wet weather. Bring a poncho as we will hike rain or shine. A small hiking pack or bag is suggested to keep your tour package of reading materials and maps, and drinking water and snacks. The hike will take approximately 3 hours, give or take a few minutes with breaks.  We will be walking steep trails over rough terrain and if it rains we will get wet and muddy and the trails will become slippery.  Even with bad weather the hike is exhilarating and interesting. Some insects may be active even during September so insect cream is suggested.  If you take pictures or video, please by all means bring your cameras and photograph the ruins.

We will walk from the John Brown Monument at 27th and Sewell downhill to the main street of the site at what was then 5th and Kanzas Avenue. After a discussion we will walk to the river to visit the site of the steamboat landing at Quindaro. When we reach the Missouri River it becomes necessary to descend a short and steep silted slope and land on a rock embankment. Care should be taken not to go near the river edge or enter the river, as swift currents are dangerous. Many visitors have experienced this tour with no serious injury. Your caution will insure our safety record continues.

Then our route takes us up the Hollow following Quindaro Creek to the Quindaro Brewery.  If we have a large group, the stop at the Brewery may become optional due to close quarters in this location. The last stop is the old Quindaro cemetery atop a bluff that overlooks the Missouri River and the Parkville Missouri escape route to Quindaro. We then walk back to the Vans and return to the main campus.


If you are overweight, out of shape, have a heart or breathing condition which causes you pain during excessive exertion please be warned that this hike is strenuous. Consult your physician if in doubt.


  Please sign up with the Social Science Division Office in one of two ways: 1. Email Jean at scollins@toto.net and indicate how many intend to attend. 2. Call the office at 596-9674 and indicate how many intend to attend. Please request your free folder of articles and information concerning the tour when you sign up. Please feel free to bring the materials with you on the tour. Thanks and we hope to see you on September 18!


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