In Reference to Holt Collier, African Americans Claiming Their “Southern Heritage” and Strom Thurmond and Them


Submitted by

Ser Seshs Ab Heter-CM Boxley


This is in response to the use of Holt Collier, who cannot speak from the grave, but whose grave has been knowingly or unknowingly desecrated by those aiding the cause of one of the most horrible and unjust white supremacy domination and dehumanization atrocities in the short history of cave man descendants living upon this Divine Earth. I am speaking of the those persons who maintained the system of chattel enslavement and fought, died and lost in an Uncivil War in their attempt to continue the chattel enslavement system in the Southern States Confederacy.


White supremacy domination and its racism modus of operation via terror, lynching, racial segregation, intimidation, political disenfranchisement, racial superiority and inferiority complex psychological mind control, violence, rape, murder, economic undermining, lies, untruth, injustice, unrighteousness, mis-education, denigrating art and signs, was supported and enforced by governmental laws and storm troopers. Such was tolerated by the churches and general white population during slavery and continued and intensified after the defeat of the Confederacy.


The masses of chattel enslaved persons in the Confederate States, deliberately and decisively helped defeat the south and destroyed its system of chattel enslavement by rising up in the greatest chattel enslaved person’s revolution in the history of North America by abandoning their places of enslavement and becoming Union Army Freedom Fighters and supporters.


Within ten short years, Southerners regained a position of unjust rule and oppressive dominance over former enslaved and non-enslaved people of African decent using the white supremacy domination system and its racism modus of operation tactics and methods mentioned above.


Holt Collier was victimized just like all other former enslaved and non-enslaved African descendants. He was born under the system of chattel enslavement and its white supremacy domination. He was enslaved in such a system. He gained his freedom from said system not because of his so-called loyalty to his enslaver, Howell Hines (Hinds), but because the masses of chattel enslaved African descendants in mass, helped kick his enslaver and other enslavers asses, militarily and contraband civilian assistance wise. (Excuse me ya’ll)


Apparently Holt Collier and any others who followed their enslavers off to the Uncivil War, willingly or unwillingly, found their persons on the wrong side of justice, even if some of them were ill-gotten sons of Confederate sexual predators.


Europeans originated the chattel enslavement system of capturing, trafficking and enslavement of African people, accompanied by Arabians collaborators. Whether in Africa, Arabia, Western Europe, South, Central and North America, this was in the words of the United Nations, the greatest crime against humanity.


Some African ascendants of today, refer to this greatest crime against humanity as the African Holocaust. Other progressive thinking African ascendant scholars have termed it the MAAFA, because it was most completely destructive of African humanity and civilization than a holocaust. The rebellious Confederate states of America were an integral part of the MAAFA. They lost, because as truth, righteousness and justice that had been crushed to the ground and trampled over by Confederates and some Union soldiers and politicians, rose up through the spirit of thousands of chattel enslaved and former chattel enslaved African descendants and asserted themselves on the side of the Union Army in a triumphant defeat of the unjust, untruthful and unrighteous Southerners, with their portion of the white supremacy domination system and its racism modus of operation and all their willing and unwilling allies intact.


This is the real southern legacy and heritage that defines the “lost cause,” the symbols, flags, icons, institutions, commemorations of persons who lost their unjust cause rebellion, states rights and Uncivil War.


This is truly what those descendants and their allies, who have now become rebels with a cause, call “southern heritage,” not hate. Their white supremacy domination and racism modus of operation prevails today in the traditional use of untruths, deceit, unrighteousness and injustice that has been historically used to prop up white supremacy.


Being a person of African decent, with European decent bloodline (genes) in your genealogical family tree factual history is not a just reason to aid the legacy, heritage and modern day attempts to vindicate the criminal perpetrators of the greatest crime against humanity.


Blood (genetic) relationships cannot be used by African descendants at family reunions, Civil War re-enactments, intellectuals gatherings and scholarly research forums and genealogical workshops and so on to excuse or skirt around the unjust spirit of those white maintainers of the white supremacy system domination with its racism behavior and or who were enslavers that tolerated both.


To do so, puts you at odds with the Divine justice of the She/He God Creator.


Blood may be thicker than mud, but blood is not an equal to truth, justice and righteousness. Truth, justice, righteousness, reciprocity, balance, order, harmony and peace are principles upon which the She/He Creator God established the Universe. Untruth, injustice, unrighteousness, disorder, unbalance, disharmony and non-reciprocity are the opposites of the Divine Law, which the He/She God Creator established the universe upon.


Both man and woman have the free will of choosing to make either side happen on earth. Man and woman were given a free will, (the savior part of our spirit) so as to chose which side to be on. Everything has its opposite. The She/He Creator God made everything on earth to come in pairs or have their opposites. The “Jesus and Satan” principles are a clear allegorical case of opposites or the two brothers constant battling each other.


The question is, on which side of Divine Law was the African MAAFA (holocaust), chattel slavery in America, Southern Confederacy, and white supremacy domination with its racism tool? On which side were white sexual predators then or Strom Thurmond and they now?


Then, this raises the question of on which side of truth, justice and righteousness were chattel-enslaved persons who willingly or unwillingly were on the side of or stood by the side of the Confederates and are now deceivingly called “Black Confederates?”


Moreover, this also raises the question as to on which side of the Divine Law principles of truth, justice and righteousness were the originators of the “lost cause”, and their subsequent “Jim Crow” white supremacy domination system?


It certainly raises the question as to on which side are their descendants now, as well as those descendants of the Confederacy who now cloak the legacy of the greatest crime against humanity, the MAAFA (African holocaust) system of chattel enslavement and its grand accomplished white supremacy dominations system of lies, untruths, injustices, unrighteousness and deceit as “Southern Heritage.”


It damn (excuse me) sure raises the question as to on which side were willing whites and some willing blacks as in the descendants of Holt Collier, the daughter of Strom Thurmond, the brother who walked from South Carolina to Texas carrying the Confederate red, white and blue icon colors of worldwide white supremacist European nations no matter what design or country, and the white woman John Brown ally from California with the African American friend in Nevada who sells Confederate license plates and the brother in South Carolina who clamors if all African descendants would wrap the Confederate flag around us, we would be free?


I say, truth, justice and righteousness are principles of the Divine Law of the She/He God Creator and have, shall, will and does prevail within the Universe and on Earth which is part of the one Verse (universe) as well as the darken and enlightened spirit of man and woman.


Using a civil rights chants used in the 1960s, “which side are you on boy,” truth, justice and righteousness or their opposites, Untruth, injustice and unrighteousness?


Did you ever wonder why non-sell out African descendants and other people of color continue to cry out for justice upon this planet earth? And the struggle continues!


Again, as the grand scholar, psychologist and ardent researcher of white supremacy domination and racism behavior, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has so scientifically pointed out:


White supremacy domination and its racism modus of operation are likened to a chess game. There is a white side, the middle and the black side. One side represents justice, truth, and righteousness that must checkmate its opposite side representing untruth, injustice and unrighteousness. On this game board while living on earth, the role of African ascendant blacks or the black side players is to checkmate the European descendant whites or the white side players of the white supremacy domination system and its racism game.


Regardless of the color of the players on the white side, our job is to checkmate those playing on the white side of the white supremacy domination and its racism tool chessboard.


However, there are some people of color and other whites who try to play the white supremacy domination/racism game from the middle of the chessboard, thus adding confusion about and a buffer zone for the players on the white side.


Just like too many have done, every since the first light skinned persons showed up in Africa a few thousand years ago and jumped in bed with black women, according to the late Chancellor Williams in his book The Destruction of Black Civilization, and produced light skinned children. Many of these mixed raced children then turned against their black mothers peoples’ interests in favor of their light skinned fathers’ people interests. Thus, as we can see, white blood (genes) in blacks causing confusion and buffer zoning for white perpetrators and perpetuators of white supremacy domination is alive and well, after its few thousand years ago origination.


Four hundred years ago, or so, the Portuguese became master practitioners of using sex as one of their three-pronged weapon for A. invading Africa, B. Making war against Africans and C. even conquering Africans and Africa. There were no black African people sitting up in Europe with Prince Henry the instigating navigator and the pope of all European religion, when they developed the plan to use sex, religion and war to seduce Africans and Africa for the purpose of enriching Portugal and subsequently Western Europe and the America(s).


As I have always said, no European demand, which equals the cause, no African supply, which equals the effect.


Too many people of color who pretend that white blood/genes in their family line is thicker than white supremacy domination mud, have failed to understand what the enslaver from Barbados, Willie Lynch, told enslavers he lectured to on the banks of the King James River in Virginia in 1712 about how to make a “slave.” Allegedly, after he had thoroughly researched the facts all the way back to Rome and Greece, he is credited with telling them that if you (among other methods), put a little white blood in the veins of enslaved mothers, their children will come out ass-backward {he said that, I didn’t}.  And the beat goes on Strom Thurmond and others.


I turn to the “shining Prince,” Malcolm X as the role model example of how right Willie Lynch was when he also told those same enslavers, that the minds of enslaved persons will tend to return to its rightful way, if these minds are exposed to their original history. Malcolm X once stated that he hated every drop of the white blood (genes) in his veins. We know that Malcolm X was extremely exposed to the original history of his African Ancestors and Foreparents. Meanwhile, a mind is a terrible thing to deny its African culture tradition.


Needless to say, Malcolm and hundreds of thousands of African ascendants before and after him, stood and still stand on the black side of the chess board game of white supremacy domination and its racism modus of operation, playing to end the game of white supremacy, not integrate within it, so it can still win.


Keep it simple ya’ll! Where you at? Where is the event at? Where are the group, organization, institution, president, government and or person(s) at and coming from; on the white side, in the middle or on the black side of the white supremacy game board? If you are playing from the black side while shooting at the white side and there are people in the middle, especially some that look like those on the black side, shoot or knock them out of the way. Keep your eyes on those on the white side, even if they are John Brown types.


If your blood-line genetic Ancestors, Foreparents or kin folk in the Uncivil War, stood beside or was on the side of the Confederacy, Confederate States and enslaving “Masters/Mistresses” at that time of the Divine cycle in the Universe, they were on the wrong side of justice, righteousness and truth, period. No amount of blood, genes or ancestral connections and or latent attempts to vindicate, prove the facts of having been hooked up or the hooking up with whites of today, neither in family reunions, politics, sex, scholarly research, Uncivil War reenactments, Confederate flag waving, claims of being “Southern” and so on, can put them on the truth, justice and righteousness side of the Divine Cycle during it circuit at that particular time and period, period. Such connections sure in hell won’t put you on the right side now. All you can do now, is try to send some light to their spirit that surely must be hanging around in darkness in the inner planes and pray that their kinds of spirit never return to the outta planes, among us again.


During that particular time and space in North America, the Divine principles of righteousness, justice and truth rose up in the enlightened spirit of chattel enslaved persons and triumphantly defeated unrighteousness, untruth and injustice, But, just as the Divine Cycles comes and goes in the Universe, what goes around, comes around! “Satan and Jesus” as twin brothers or opposites, keep battling for darkened and enlightened “souls.”


This story of darkness and lightness is as old as the first ancient Africans in the Nile Valley who showed the world, through their use of the iconic symbols of Heru/light/good (Horace in Greek) and Set/darkness (Satan in Greek) and was Heru’s opposite/twin brother/evil, their wisdom and knowledge of how enlightment must be evolved from darkness. The Ancient Nile Valley Black people’s word for light (enlightment) 2001 is Krst (Christ in English).


You can easily see how Satan was originated from the word and allegory of Set. And the two brothers North and South etc. struggle for dominance continues. “Which side are you on boy?”


Now back to Holt Collier and them, including the National Park Service use of the manumitted mulatto son of a white sexual predator, William Johnson’s house in Natchez to reflect the white supremacy domination society’s happenings during chattel slavery days.


In reading the Work Progress Administration’s Federal Writers’ Project narrative of once chattel enslaved Holt Collier which was mostly told in the words of the white female interviewer, here are some items of note. Use them with extreme caution, because his narrative contains few of his own word and quotes. But it does contain tons of the words and interpretations of the interviewer. Also, be aware that most “Southern” white interviewers of that time can be suspected of being under the influence of the “lost cause” and white supremacy domination syndrome. The white person who interviewed former chattel enslaved persons at Natchez was documented in professor Jack Davis’s published book, Race Against Time Culture and Separation in Natchez Since 1930 Louisiana University Press 2001, as a “lost cause” conspirator who was part of a censoring team that made sure nothing negative about the south or the Confederacy appeared in school books that went into the hands and heads of white or black children, once upon a time when schools were colored and white in Mississippi.




  1. The interviewer said on page one of the interview, he was born near Greenville Mississippi in 1848.
  2. On page two, she said he was born in Jefferson County Mississippi in 1848.
  3. Howell Hines or Hinds, who obviously owned plantations near Greenville and in Jefferson County, enslaved him.
  4. Howell’s plantation connecting Holt Collier at Greenville was called Plum Ridge. The Jefferson County plantation was called Home Hill.
  5. On page one she said he was a “Confederate soldier.”
  6. Colonel Howell Hines was the son of General Hines. Howell’s son, Thomas also was a Confederate soldier.
  7. At the time of the Uncivil War, Holt was at Plum Ridge plantation from where he supposed to have run off to follow his enslaver, Howell Hines and son Thomas.
  8. At the age of 14, Holt supposed to have gotten aboard the ship Vernon and went to Memphis and found his enslaver “standing with a group of officers. Among whom were General Bedford Forrest and General Breckenridge.” {Not Holt’s words}
  9. No more comments were made about Holt’s youth and “he went into training at Camp Boone.” “He served as a soldier and did not go as a body servant to colonel Hinds.” {Not his words}
  10. Was sent with his company to Kentucky.
  11. Tasted war in the fight at a bridge over Green River.
  12. During the four years conflict, he served under and with: a. The Texas Cowboys, b. Ross’s Brigade, c. and under Colonel Dudley Jones.
  13. On page 18, the interviewer states that during the war, Holt was in the company with Mr. J. C. Burrus of Bolivar County, when both of them shot and shouted their way to safety through Union Army lines.
  14. On page 19, she stated that Holt said General Clark from Jefferson County, General Bragg and General Wirt Adams were at Greenville with Breckenridge and Nathan B. Forrest.
  15. She tells how Holt talked of the Union Army’s Colonel Rousseau got to Mulger Hill, KY., before the Confederates.
  16. On page 20, she states General Forrest talked with Captain Evans, whom Holt was under after leaving Boone Camp, about Holt becoming an enlisted soldier. Holt went with Captain Evan’s cavalry. She stated Holt was in General Ross’s Brigade, Colonel Dudley Jones’ Regiment and Captain Perry Evans co. 9th Texas Regiment.
  17. In the spring the Union Army drove them back to Iuka Tennessee and then to Chattanooga “where we went into battle,” {supposed to be his words}
  18.  When his enslaver Howell Hines/Hinds was wounded, Holt got a pass from Captain Evans to go see about Howell. {Why would a Confederate soldier need a pass to come and go}
  19. On page 21, she wrote that Holt did not see his enslaver, Howell Hines again until “we met on the battle-field of Shiloh.” {Her words}  A few yards away Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston was shot and died.
  20. She wrote on page 22, that Holt (we) {her words} retreated to Corinth and from there; Holt performed a “great deal of scout duty.” {Her words}
  21. After, surrender, Holt was mustered out at Vicksburg under General Kirby Smith, she wrote.


Note: Most of the text in 1-21 above is my use of the interviewer’s words, including those I say are her words.






“Some time late in year ’63 or early ’64 six men belonging to Evans’ scouts, Ross’ Texas Brigade, commanded by Bob Lee, then serving with Evans, afterward first lieutenant in Harvey’s Scouts, sent a negro boy, 16 years old, a servant of Howell Hines, as a spy to the island, who after joining Coe’s band and remaining several days, he returned with full information as to the location of the camp, numbers, etc.; and also with the important intelligence that all of the arms (while not on a foray) were by Coe’s order kept in the house occupied by Coe and his white associates. Some nights after this a old flat-bottom bateau containing six white men and this negro boy moved with muffled oars through the darkness and fog, silent as a phantom, across the murky waters of Old Mississippi, on as gallant and as desperate a mission as was ever undertaken by men who realized the issues to be success or death to every man of that silent group.”  This section of the interview had to do with reportable a raid made by the Confederate on the Camp of a privateer named Coe, who had been raiding the properties of Southerners and taking everything valuable, including enslaved African descendants. Coe and about fifty enslaved fugitives then, took refuse on Island 76 on the Mississippi River. The 16 year-old boy was Holt Collier as explained by the interviewer.


Now you get an idea of how romantic this interviewer interpreted for the aged Holt Collier when the interviewer interviewed him.


Notice that the interviewer says at 16, Holt Collier was a servant of Howell Hines.


Maybe the above information will help ya’ll put the Holt Collier to rest in peace and others playing in the middle or on the white side of the white supremacy domination and racism modus operandi chessboard in great distress. 




Enslaver Howell Hines/Hind’s unnamed enslaved person along with other chattel enslaved persons in the vicinity of Fayette Mississippi had been apprehended in May of 1861 for having made revolutionary plans to on July 4, 1861: Kill all the white men and take the white women for wives and lovers. Where was the young Holt Collier then? A similar plan was planned for implementation in September of 1861 at Second Creek and Natchez in adjoining Adams County, once the Union Army had taken New Orleans. Had the chattel enslaved revolutionaries succeed, Holt Collier’s “master” would not have been alive in order for Holt to follow him to Memphis, later on during the Uncivil War. Unfortunately the revolutionary plans to kill all the white men and take the white women for wives and lovers in all three locations were aborted. White male enslavers came together quickly and formed tribunals that beat confessions out of a combined few dozen chattel enslaved persons in Jefferson and Adams Counties. They lynched nearly two-dozen and beat and jailed many more. They kept the whole events quite and out of the newspapers of that time.


See Tumult and Silence at Second Creek an Inquiry Into a Civil War Slave Conspiracy by Winthrop Jordan Louisiana State University Press 1993.


Submitted by Ser Seshs Ab Heter-CM Boxley of Africans In America(s) Research Heritage Program March 11, 2004.