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Updated 12-03-2002, Happy Holidays!

Sabrina If you read the comic strip, you all know I like and collect the Transformers toys by Hasbro and Takara. I always wanted some back when I was a kid back in the 'eighties, but my parents were pretty traditional, and thought i'd be better off with 'girls toys'. I didn't really like dolls - I was more interested in computers and technology and science fiction stuff, and robot toys that could turn into other things were really neat to me. I didn't get many dolls, but I didn't get any Transformers either, because I was just a kid with no money. I only had two tiny toys back then, from saving up my pennies - Bumblebee, a VW bug, and Powerglide, an airplane. I thought they were the really cool, and they were small enough to keep with me and hide from my mom and dad. I still have them today. I was pretty gentle with my toys. :3
Time went on, and I 'outgrew' toys as I got older. It wasn't until I got into college that I rediscovered them. One time I told my roommate about how I liked Transformers, but never really got to have any as a kid. That Christmas, I got as a gift my first large-size Transformer - Laser Optimus Prime. Amy says she found it at a flea market. I was amazed at how good it looked, and all it could do. Better yet, I discovered a then-new Transformer cartoon show called 'Beast Wars'. It was almost like I had fallen in love again, and the best part was my parents couldn't prevent me from buying toys anymore. Once I started working as a graphic artist at Zig Zag Studios, I had a good salary and really became a collector, getting a lot of the older toys i missed out on the first time.
I like just about all the Transformer toys past and present. I hear a lot of people talk about how great the original toys were, and how cruddy they are now. If you ask me, most of those people have never done an unbiased side-by-side comparison. Part of it is that the toys are a lot different now than they used to be, and some people don't like that they're not like what they remember from their youth, even if their memories are kinda cloudy. I'd never want to give up the original Transformers, with their metal parts and bulky robot forms, but in many ways I prefer the Beast Wars and Beast Machines toys, with their cool articulation, creative designs, and more 'fun' than almost any Generation One toy. (Yes, I play with my toys. Don't tell my parents. :3 ).

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