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Supercon (Deluxe) assortment, Wave 1: Hot Shot with Jolt, Demolishor with Blackout, Cyclonus with Crumplezone.
Price: Approx $10 each

Overall impressions: In some ways, these toys are a bit of a shock after years of Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and Robots in Disguise, which were generally known for large amounts of articulation and posability. These toys aren't the bricks that many G1 toys were, but they definitely sacrificed a few joints here and there for the sake of simpler transformation designs and the Minicon-related gimmicks. Hopefully the toys will improve over this first wave, as I'm having trouble getting too excited about the first batch.
Jolt with Hot Shot:

Jolt (Minicon, red helicopter)

Features: Becomes an 'airboat propeller' for Hot Shot, and carries his engine block accessory, which can also be used as a cannon in either mode.

Pros: Nice helicopter and robot modes. Interesting transformation. One of my favorite Minicons.

Cons: Arms are a little obvious in copter mode. His red plastic is a bit soft, and make for loose joints. Needs landing gear to sit flat in copter mode.

Hot Shot (Autobot, yellow sportscar with Euro and retro influences)

Features: Jolt can attach to rear of vehicle as a propeller. Engine Block plugs into hood to split the front bumper into 'driving claws'. In robot mode, a Minicon can be plugged into his ... butt to pop the rear axle up over his head as a missile launcher, as well as rotating it into position and firing a hubcap-missile. Engine block can be attached to Hot Shot's chest as armor.

Pros: Much better than I was first led to believe it would be. Robot mode is squat and cute, putting one in mind of earlier characters like Bumblebee. Legs are well-articulated. Looks best with the engine block armor on his chest.

Cons: Some folks won't like his bright yellow color. 'Driving claws' are not very impressive. Robot arms have very little useful articulation, thanks largely to his launcher gimmick. Might look better with some transparent plastic for his car windows and the visor that covers his face.

Score (out of 10, Main toy scores twice) Hot Shot 7.5, Jolt 8.5, Overall 7.8

Demolishor with Blackout:

Blackout (Minicon, military communications vehicle)

Features: Can sit in Demolishor's driver seat, or plug into a launcher in the tank's front.

Pros: Makes a convincing weapon to mount on the body of any larger robot.

Cons: Blocky early-Go-Bot design makes him look rather uninteresting compared to other Minicons.

Demolishor (Decepticon, A heavily-armed mini-tank, or tank-chariot)

Features: Blackout can plug into the front of the vehicle mode, to be launched forward by pressing a button. A Minicon can 'activate' and launch missiles from his left shoulder. Two more missilies can be stored in the right shoulder.

Pros: Very strong and mean looking in robot mode. Excellent weathered paint job on his track modules. Pretty well-articulated, especially in the legs. Probably the best robot design of this group of toys.

Cons: What exactly is he supposed to be? I've never seen a tank like this, especially with a driver's seat outside the tank body. It also doesn't look that different from the robot mode. It would be nice if his missile-launch gimmick worked on both sides.

Score: Demolishor 8, Blackout 5, Overall 7

Cyclonus with Crumplezone:

Crumplezone (Minicon, blue and white tank)

Features: transforms from tank to robot to a cockpit extension for Cyclonus.

Pros: His ability to join with Cyclonus above and beyond the standard Minicon peg thing is the only special thing about him.

Cons: Stumpy and awkward-looking both as a tank and a robot.

Cyclonus (Decepticon, a transport-like helicopter)

Features: A trigger on the helicopter tail spins the rotor blade. He can join with Crumplezone to become more of a gunship type of chopper. Attaching minicons to his arms can launch missiles, and plugging them on his legs pop out extra guns. Also, if you have the Destruction Minicon team (or possibly any gear-gimmick minis), any of them can attach under the cockpit and their actions can be run by Cyc's rotor-trigger.

Pros: Possibly the most - and best gimmicks found on a toy this size.

Cons: Color scheme is rather odd for a military-themed vehicle. Robot arms and legs are rather obvious in chopper mode. The legs would look better if they locked into place, and the feet could swing up to look more like skids or pontoons than feet. Robot mode as a whole seems a bit oddly proportioned and pinheaded.

Score: Cyclonus 7.5, Crumplezone 5, Overall 6.7

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