Sabrina's Transformers Armada Reviews

Minicon 3-packs, Wave 2: Destruction Team, Race Team.

Price: Average $7-$8 per each pack of 3

Overall impressions: This group of Minicons are a little wierder than the ones that came before. They aren't as strong as little Transformers IMO, but each set has pretty strong and interesting gimmicks.

Destruction Team, all vehicles that appear to be designed to tear something up. Each has a little wheel underneath that runs their mechanical action when they are rolled. They can also plug into the exposed gear underneath Cyclonus' cockpit, to be worked by the trigger action on that toy.

Drill Bit - Orange boring vehicle with a rear-mounted drill
Pros: Drill action works decently, clicking as it runs.
Cons: Robot body is stumpy, left arm is vestigial.

Dualor - Dark gray and yellow dual-cannon tank.
Pros: Probably the least wierd looking of the bunch.
Cons: Gun action doesn't work as well as the others. Legs look best when turned so the feet face backwards. has trouble standing no matter which way the legs face.

Buzzsaw - Yellow wheel excavator, or big circular saw.
Pros: sawblade action seems to work the best of the three, interesting transformation.
Cons: Arms are nothing but the saw arm and counterweight boom.

Score (out of 10) Drill Bit 6, Dualor 6.5, Buzzsaw 6.5, Overall 6.3

Race Team - Three different types of racing car. They combine to form 'Skyboom' an aircraft that doubles as a sheild for larger robots.

Dirt Boss - Light grey rally car.
Pros: Good car mode, interesting transformation, decent robot mode.
Cons: A bit awkward. Head could use some paint to keep it from looking like a simple peg. Splits open easily, for a disturbing 'Minicon autopsy' look.

Mirage - Yellow open-wheel Indy-style racer.
Pros: looks nice in both forms.
Cons: Clearly the same design as 'Swindle', who came with Starscream, albeit heavily remolded and adding a waist swivel. Mine doesn't want to stand up straight.

Downshift - Dark grey road racer.
Pros: Car mode is very nice.
Cons: Arms are over-long and legs are spindly. Topheavy, so watch where the arms go if you want it to stand.

Skyboom - jet/sheild formed from the three Minicons
Pros: Clever idea, and interesting looking.
Cons: Not very convincing as a jet, especially with Mirage just stuck out in front. More believeable as a tall shield.

Score (out of 10) Dirt Boss 6.5, Mirage 6, Downshift 6, Skyboom 6, Overall 6.1

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