Sabrina's Transformers Armada Reviews

Minicon 3-packs, Wave 1: Land Military Team, Air Defense Team, Street Action Team.

Price: Average $7-$8 per each pack of 3

Overall impressions: If you like the 'Micromaster' Transformers, it's a safe bet you'll like most of these. They are slightly larger and more elaborate than the Micrmasters, and with themed gimmicks and interaction with the larger toys, are rather impressive for their size.

Land Military Team - As the name suggests, they are all military ground vehicles, each with at least one firing missile of some kind.

Knockout - Mustard vellow six-wheeled vehicle
Pros: Only one of the team with a spring powered launcher. Transformation seems like something from a larger toy.
Cons: Tiny head could be mistaken for a wart.

Boncrusher - Black cannon-truck
Pros: Very original transformation, especially for something this small.
Cons: Robot parts not hidden very well in truck mode. Missile-launcher arm and odd gas-can head makes him look like a Masters of the Universe character.

Wreckage - Green missile tank
Pros: Looks quite nice both as tank and robot.
Cons: may be a little too simple for some people's tastes. Feet don't easily stand flat.

Score (out of 10) Knockout 7, Bonecrusher 7, Wreckage 8, Overall 7.3

Air Defense Team - Three tiny representations of three large aircraft. The three combine to form 'Star Saber', a large sword for the bigger toys to use.

Sonar - Futuristic lifting-body space shuttle The name makes me wonder if someone at Hasbro thought it was supposed to be a boat.
Pros: Decent looks in both modes and nice paint job. Pretty posable for its size.
Cons: Robot mode looks like its wearing big wading boots.

Jetstorm (possibly Runway) - XB-70 Valkyrie-style bomber
Pros: Robot mode is probably the best looking of the group. Jet mode is nice too, with tiny landing gear.
Cons: Clear plastic is a little overused.

Runway (or is it Jetstorm?) - Concorde-like SST
Pros: Clever transformation. Posable robot form.
Cons: All robot parts are just stuck on the underside of the plane.

Star Saber - big honking sword formed from the three jet Minicons.
Pros: It's a clever idea
Cons: - that doesn't work well. The sword doesn't really look much like a sword, more like a spacecraft or something. Light-piping gimmick doesn't seem to work as well as it should either.

Score (out of 10) Sonar 7, Jetstorm 7.5, Runway 7.5, Star Saber 4, Overall 6.5

Street Action Team - Three of the most unlikely vehicle choices seen for Transformers. The three tiny robots combine to form a merely small robot named Perceptor.

Sureshock - Orange motor scooter
Pros: Nice scooter mode
Cons: Suffered the most for the ability to combine. A very wierd-looking robot with scooter fronts on his arms and legs that won't separate without splitting the whole bot in half.

Highwire - Black and gray bicycle
Pros: Convincing bike mode. Cute, quirky and unusual robot mode.
Cons: Cute, quirky and unusual robot mode. His head and Perceptors head aren't hidden well in bike mode.

Grindor - Navy blue rocket-powered skateboard
Pros: Very nice looking robot mode.
Cons: pretty large and thick for a skateboard, even with the jets. Joints could have been designed differently for better posability.

Perceptor - Robot formed from the three minicons. Sureshock splits to form the legs, Grindor the torso and arms, and Highwire says 'I'll form the head!' (and shoulders).
Pros: Nice looking and well-proportioned robot. More than the jet team, this combined form enhances the value of the 3-pack.
Cons: Not very poseable, especially in the legs. Arms could have been designed for better jointing (they come from Grindor).

Score (out of 10) Sureshock 4.5, Highwire 5, Grindor 7.5, Perceptor 8, Overall 6.25

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