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Maxcon (Mega) assortment, Wave 2: Scavenger with Rollbar.

Price: Approx $20 each

Overall impressions: This particular item is built heavily upon a gimmick, more so than predecessors Starscream and Red Alert. How much one likes this toy probably depends greatly on whether they like the gimmick or not. If you're the type who doesn't like it when a gimmick greatly affects the functionality of the whole toy (as I usually do) you probably wouldn't like Scavenger. I found myself pleasantly surprised, however.

Scavenger with Rollbar:

Rollbar (Minicon, off-white dune buggy)

Features: Over and above the standard Minicon package, Rollbar is designed to fit in Scavenger's driver compartment, activating its feature.

Pros: Very nice vehicle mode. Above average transformation and robot mode.

Cons: Proportions are a little funny, as if the arms, legs, and head were each made to a different scale. I think he might've looked better in some other color, like grey or tan.

Scavenger (Autobot, large chartreuse bulldozer with a front shovel and a roller in back)

Features: In vehicle mode, putting Rollbar in the drivers seat (or just pushing the button in there) will activate the sound of an engine starting up. Rolling the vehicle forward (the roll and the tracks can turn) cause a clattery rolling sound, and the front shovel rises and falls. Scavenger also makes mechanical noises during the transformation process. In robot mode, pushing him forward causes his legs to move in a walking motion, along with mechanical stomping noises. A minicon at his side can make him fire a missile with a noise, literally shooting from the hip.

Pros: This toy surprised me greatly, and I found it much better and more fun than I expected from seeing early pictures. The transformation, while not difficult, is a bit more detail-oriented than most Armada toys. The harsh-looking face and large limbs of the robot mode give it a fun 'Frankenstein's Monster' feel. Quite well-articulated above the waist, surprising since the arms have rolling tracks on them. The rolling gimmick works very well in both modes, and is more fun than I would've thought.

Cons: Due to the gimmick, the legs have no real posability at all, and he tends to tip forward or fall when standing. (it helps to point his toes downward) Some of the sounds get annoying, going off just by handling the toy. The minicon peg that launches his hip-missile is very hard to access. Finally, it's just a bit surprising that Scavenger is an Autobot, as everything about him, from design to name to color, is obviously inspired by the original G1 Constructicons. I guess he's a convert.

Score: (large figure scores twice) Scavenger 8, Rollbar 8, Overall 8

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